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Vision, Mission, Beliefs

Pewitt CISD Vision Statement

Exemplify Excellence.



Every day.


Pewitt CISD Mission Statement

The Mission of the Pewitt Consolidated Independent School District, in partnership with our school community, is to inspire and prepare our students to become confident, innovative problem solvers who demonstrate outstanding character and take full advantage of their individual academic potential so that they are able to thrive in our complex and ever-changing world.


Pewitt CISD Belief Statements

Pewitt CISD believes:

  • Learning begins with rigorous and relevant learning opportunities that reflect differentiation, high expectations, and student interests.
  • Diversity of individuals should be valued and appreciated.
  • Character development is a continual process that supports integrity, mutual respect, and positive attitudes.
  • Technology is a critical component for success in our global society and modern workforce.
  • Development of leadership throughout the organization is essential to our success.
  • Teamwork and collaboration among school stakeholders promotes a common understanding, establishes a positive atmosphere of trust, and reinforces school and community pride.
  • Educational excellence is achievable and is the responsibility of everyone, everywhere, every day.
  • Change is necessary for continuous growth and improvement.